End of the Trip

Our job for this last post is a summary of the trip. Overall, this trip was fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for more on this week of spring break. Each day was packed from 8am-8pm and you had to love every minute of it. 

The part of the trip that surprised me the most was how nice and outgoing all of the people we met with were. Each person greatly enjoyed taking time out of their day in order to meet with us and would provide business cards to the entire group. They want to give back and help us all out and I was surprised to how willing they were to give out their personal emails and phone numbers to a group of students they have never met.

The most memorable experience for me on this trip was split between the Rose Bowl and the Coliseum. Both places are the “mecca” of college football and have such great histories behind them. It was amazing to think that we are on the field that such great players have played on before and that we watch on TV every year. I enjoyed every minute of being on the fields and touring the stadiums because it as such a once in a lifetime experience. It was a great experience going to both stadiums and I couldn’t pick which was more memorable.

Southern California is great. I want to live there after graduating Syracuse from going on this trip and seeing everything that the region has to offer, most importantly In-N-Out Burger and Chick-Fil-A. The amount of businesses and agencies that are in such a remote area is amazing. No matter what part of sports you want to work in, So-Cal has it. Everything from the PGA in Newport Beach to the Rose Bowl are all in the area.

Everyone we met with were saying that you need to have passion to work in this industry and you must build relationships. You have to be better than those around you and have the drive to be the best and be the most successful person in your field. Building relationships along the way allows you to build your network and become noticed in the industry. By doing these things, the people we met with said that we would be on our way to success.

My favorite experience on this trip by far was meeting with Nez Balelo from CAA. He is the kind of guy I want to be like later in my career and has a great record to look up to. He was so down to earth for being a man in his position with so much power in CAA and in the MLB. He answered all questions we had and offered great advice for us to make us as successful as possible.

My advice for future students would be to go on this trip and use every minute of it. Meetings on the trip might get boring but don’t fall asleep and don’t go on your phones. You should take advantage of every second you have in front of the people you meet with because it might be the only time you see them ever. Pick their brains and ask as many questions as possible. You can sleep and text at home so don’t do it on the trip. Use the trip to advance your contacts and build a network for later in your career.

I loved this trip and I’m going to miss the times we had during the week. Shout out to Scoops / Chuck / Chuck Norris / Tony Montana the best bus driver ever- “Yea, yea, yea 20 min”

-Matt Ashe

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