What a Journey!

Waking up on Friday March 16th at 8:00am was not easy. Not only was it our last full day in Los Angeles and spring break but it was also our last day of meetings for our immersion trip. I’m pretty sure everyone was sad because we have been having such a wonderful time experience such great things and networking with such great people that nobody wanted it to end.

We started our day off at 8:30 am heading over to Mandalay Sports and Entertainment where we meet the chapman and CEO of the company Peter Guber. Peter was a very interesting man who offers us students  a lot of words of advice. Peter said things to us like “Be interesting and you will get people’s attention”, “Everyone has to be a producer, you have to produce your own career”, “You truly begin your education after you graduate college”, Curosity, Collerabtion and Creativity are the best tools to success”, “without failure you don’t have opportunities to learn more” and my personal favorite “never make the same mistake, make the same different mistake”.

At Mandalay sports we also met Larry Freidman who was President of Mandalay’s baseball properties. Larry showed us the many different aspects and functions of what goes on in working with minor league baseball teams. He showed us how the major league affiliate teams benefit form the minor league teams, he showed us statistics and compared the success of the minor league teams to other professional sport teams and he also showed us the expectations and future goals of manadaly baseball teams. Larry also gave is students words of advice when applying for capstones. He said “try to demonstrate a record of going out and getting experience in whatever it is that you want to do”, “your resume is a marketing piece but it should also tell a story”, and lastly “do volunteer work”, because that is very important.

After Mandalay sports we headed over to USC campus and met with Mark Jackson who i site director of Football Operations. Mark gave us some interesting facts about USC and also told us about the challenges they face with getting other sports on their publicity level of the football program. SOme words of advice from Mark were “pay your dues early in the industry”, “follow your passion” and “be connected to what you are doing”. Mark also gave us a tour of the Coliseum which was in my opinion one of the highlights of my trip.

The next thing we did for the day was have a meeting with Francine Hughes, Paige Stephano and Antonio Morici who are affiliated with the LA Dodgers and the stadium. Francicne shared with us the functions and challenges that the staff go through on a daily basis at the stadium, both for during and off seasons. Paige Talked more about the marketing view and exactly that they do to help generate the most revenue for the stadium. She explained how during off season they are busy selling sponsorships and during the season they are busy fulfilling them so the marketing aspect is a year round thing. Antonio talked more about the season ticket holders, and the club ticket holders and the premium ticket holders and the benefits and challenges that go into getting clients as well as keeping them.

The last thing we did for the day was have a lovely dinner at the Ruskin’s house. Alex’s family had a wonderful and beautiful home and it was just the perfect way to end off such an amazing trip. Dinner was incredible and it really felt good to have a home cooked meal. It was also considered more bonding time for the group and I thnk we all took advantage of that.

In conclusion the day was once again another wonderful day. We all learned a lot and we are very appreciative of the experience and the advice we were given.

Amanda Rae McLean


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